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Making your home WORK for you!

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Functional Home Transformations LLC (FHT) is an in-home occupational therapy private practice that works with adults 55+ years of age to meet their goals of safely living in their own homes for as long as possible, otherwise known as aging in place.  We are participating Medicare Part B providers.  We are experts in evaluating a client, the client's environment, and how the client performs meaningful tasks within that environment. We introduce practical solutions to issues related to accessibility, occupational performance, functional mobility for the completion of self-care activities, fall prevention and safety, and caregiver/client education.

Functional Home Transformations' MISSION is to provide customers with comprehensive h assessments and recommendations for participation in meaningful and necessary activities, also known as occupations.

Functional Home Transformations' VISION is to reinforce our elderly populations' and their caregivers’ abilities to live meaningful, fulfilling lives in their homes for as long as they choose. 

Functional Home Transformation's VALUES are:

Client-Centered Approach: The leader of the FHT team is the client.  Our goal is to help the client meet their goals.

Empathy: We care for our clients just like we would want others to care for our family members.  We treat everyone with compassion and understanding.

Integrity: We treat all our clients ethically with the utmost respect, honesty, and transparency.

Expertise:  We have over two decades of occupational therapy and home assessment experience.  We believe in continuous learning and refining skills.

Collaboration:  FHT truly believes that taking care of our elderly takes a team!  We work with other therapists and medical professionals, builders, contractors, nonprofit organizations, medical equipment providers, and others to ensure the best options for our clients.

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