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In-depth Client and Home Assessments

FHT uses evidence-based standardized assessments, strong interview skills, and task analysis to determine each client's capabilities.   We also comprehensively evaluate the client's home to include the height of the steps to enter the home, doorway and hallway widths, the space between the bathroom fixtures in the bathroom, countertop heights in the kitchen, and much, much more.  The interviews, assessments, and observations guide us in understanding how the client completes meaningful occupations within their environment.  We compile the information to develop a thorough client-centered treatment plan focusing on meeting the client's goals including safety, independence, and meaningful occupational performance in the client's living environment.  The treatment plan may include recommendations for small or large home modifications to improve participation in purposeful activities.

Equipment Evaluations and Training

Which would work better: a straight ramp or one with a turn?  Does the person need a shower chair or a shower bench?  How about a raised toilet seat with arms or just a toilet frame?  No two people's needs are the same.  Let FHT help decide what equipment would best meet the client's needs while training the client and caregiver for safe, appropriate use of the recommended items.  

Personalized Fall Prevention Strategies

Services: Welcome

Falls are one of the leading causes of loss of independence in people 65+ years of age.  If you have fallen or have a fear of falling, allow FHT to come to your home to assess your specific needs.  We will work with you to determine  home modifications, minor equipment provision, and technique use that will help you remain safe in your home. 


If you want to educate group participants about fall prevention or aging in place in a fun, interactive approach, call us!  

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